Willy's World Famous Recipes

Willy's World Famous Wing Sauce

Willy's Mac N Cheese
Dad's World Famous Spaghetti

Willy's World Famous Wing Sauce

This is the sauce that started it all. I am happy to share this with you as a way to bring your people together around one of my favorite foods of all time, wings!! For an extra spicy kick, go with a bigger Cholula bottle. Enjoy!

Willy's Bomb Mac N' Cheese

Mac N’ Cheese is a staple in any American household and once you make it like this, you’ll never want to have it any other way again. It ain't easy being cheesy. Enjoy!

Willy's Dad's World Famous Spaghetti

I learned the basis of this recipe from my dad and have made some tweaks here and there to get it to perfection. Every time he made it, he called it his "World Famous Spaghetti". What is a meal that any Dad makes if not World Famous? Now I get to share it with you and your family. Enjoy!